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PLANTING CONCRETE WORKSHOP - The Institute for Endotic Research
Berlin, 2018

The purpose of the workshop was to explore the wide range of possibilities that concrete offers and to learn about the properties that define this material and techniques for its use and manipulation. The goal was the manufacture of different small scale objects that would serve for the spatial configuration of the TIER Gallery. The workshop was a group process seeking the involvement of the participants, who were able to propose alternative materials for the mixture as well as other uses or designs for the objects. It was also experimental, exploring new combinations with recycled materials, creating an awareness of the things we use and dispose of, materials that surround us and that could have new unexpected uses.

In collaboration with Pablo Ramón Benítez

Fabrication of 3 different molds which can be reused to make more units in the future to create a family of planters. The pyramidal shape facilitates the removal of the pieces from the molds. Three different sizes for different plant typologies.

Illustrator Vases

Photos by Benjamin Busch, courtesy of The Institute for Endotic Resarch

Planting Concrete Vases_01

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