Built with students as final course requirement, Münster School of Architecture, Summer Semester 2014.

The Living Archive Course reviews the future of archiving natural history by defining the “greenhouse” in the context of “climate change”. We explored how both the individual and collective definitions of archive, institutional memory, site-specificity, and material economies regard to global warming and climate induced migration. Reviewing these definitions serve as probes to consider and give alternative notions of how these conditions (social, atmospheric, and geographic) are changing the ways we see and build cultural and spatial production. In order to mediate these complex issues we consider and develop an architectural archetype - the greenhouse - as a loose term, as a ready-made and boundary object about archival spaces and future landscapes.

Course Concept: Luis Berríos-Negrón (based on Site Specific Greenhouse Superstructure project by Paramodular)
Production design for greenhouse construction: Paramodular (Luis Berríos-Negrón and Miguel Prados Sánchez)
Reserach, Development, and Fabrication by 4th and 6th semester Students of the Münster School of Architecture.
Visiting Lecturers and Critics: Prof. Ulrich Schurr, Ion Sørvin N55, Eva Wilson, Hans-Jürgen Commerell, Dunya Bouchi, Stephen Form, Miguel Prados Sánchez.

Technical Drawings LACGH MSA

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